What is a monogram?

A monogram is simply placing three initials in a specific sequence with the last initial in the center larger than the other two initials.

What is the difference between initials and a monogram?

As stated above, a monogram consists of the three initials, and places the last initial in the middle and larger than the other 2 initials. Initials are simply all three initials, straight across, first-middle-last, all the same size.

Is Monogramming different for Men and Women?

There is a difference in monogramming for men and women. For women, traditional monogram is used, placing the last name initial larger and in the middle, the first name initial would be on the left and the middle name initial would be on the right. For men, all three initials are the same size and in the correct order, first-middle-last. When monogramming for married couples, it is very common to use both his and her first initials, placing their last name initial in the middle and most often the woman’s first initial is on the left, the man’s on the right.

Where will my item be Monogrammed?

Most items have a traditional place where the monogram goes and we will always use that as our guide.