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With our Baby footprint or hand stamp kit,  you create a perfectly sweet work of art to keep forever! This footprint stamp kit is suitable for a toddler’s hand or foot usually up to age 4.  Each kit contains one non-toxic ink pad and one hand painted canvas.  Because the canvas color of your choice comes packaged in an organza bag, it is perfect for gifting.  Instructions come preprinted on each tag. The gallery wrap on each baby’s Footprint Stamp Kit canvas is a generous width.  Consider using a permanent marker to write your baby’s name, age, and date on the side!  You could also use vinyl to include the name, birth date, weight or any other statistics you choose.  This canvas will be a piece to be treasured as your baby gets older.  Available in several colors.  Buy and and try or give one as a gift.


Baby’s Footprint Stamp Kit Instructions

For best results, practice on a similar surface. Make sure foot is well covered with ink. If the print does not come out as desired, the ink can immediately be wiped off the canvas with a wet wipe. Let dry, then try again.

Wash foot immediately with soap and water after use, as ink will not come off as easily when it has dried on skin.

All of these instructions are included with each stamp kit

…Ink pad is non-toxic.

Style Specs

5″ x 5″ square

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